Ten Ways to Stop Being a Writer

Open your computer to a blank Google Doc and then decide now is a good time to update all your photos. Google: What’s the best photo storage website to use? (But really. I need help with this. Amazon Photos is acting weird all of a sudden. Please comment below.)Read a few essays you wrote two... Continue Reading →

A Part of Who I Am

“I was a high school counselor before I got married.”“I have a master’s degree." Years ago, I sometimes found myself trying to drop these sentences into conversations. I wasn’t necessarily trying to brag. But as a new mom in a new place who no longer worked full-time—I worried what people would think about me. I... Continue Reading →

After Dark // A Love Story

I walk into the half-lit room, a soft glow from one single bulb. The only sound I hear is my bare feet sliding across the hardwood floors. I hold my breath, not wanting to wake the kids. Inching closer, a familiar scent fills my nose. When was the last time we were alone? The house... Continue Reading →

The Best Kind of Surprise

“Do you know what you’re having?” My friend asked as she pushed her stroller along the path. Gripping my stroller, I looked over at her and said, “A girl.” “A girl?! Aren’t you so excited?” She exclaimed. Two years earlier, with my belly swelling, I sat eating cake at my baby shower. “Well, I think... Continue Reading →

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