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So God Made a Farm Mom

October 24, 2022

One day, God looked down at all the fields, barns, pastures, and farmers and knew He needed someone to take care of all the families on the land. He knew it had to be someone confident in herself to see that the farm doesn’t come first, even when it sometimes feels like it does. He knew the farm needed someone who understands her role is important, too—especially during the seasons of motherhood when she’s not out driving a tractor. Someone proud to stand by her farmer’s side. 

So God made a farm mom.

God knew farm kids would need someone strong enough to carry them through the field, one on each hip, but gentle enough to hold them and explain the meaning of life when an animal dies. There needed to be someone to clean the never-ending dirt from the kids’ faces and the farmhouse floors.

He knew the family would need someone to keep the house running, the bills paid, and to run to town for parts when the equipment fails—while juggling the kids’ schedules, sibling squabbles, and everything in between. He knew the farm needed someone to help move equipment from field to field at a moment’s notice.

He knew he needed someone to pray over the farmer and the farm kids and to teach the kids safety around farm equipment. He knew the farm kids needed someone to encourage their love of farming, allowing them to spend their days in the field—without holding them back out of fear.

So God made a farm mom.


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Photo by Montana Marie Photography.

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