Where I’ve Written: An Incomplete List

At my desk, in the laundry room.

At the kitchen table, surrounded by Legos.

In the car, using talk-to-text because I know I’ll forget by the time I get to where I’m going.

In the barn, watching a newborn calf navigate the world for the first time.

Driving a combine (don’t tell the farmer). This is what auto-steer is for, right?

In church, between the announcements on the bulletin.

On my phone, in the dark, nursing a baby.

In the library, 40 minutes from home.

In the shower. (Stepping out to write a thought down, because often words are fleeting.)

On an airplane, seated between strangers.

On a lawn chair next to the bounce house in the front yard.

Driving home from a camping trip.

In my childhood bedroom.

In bed, under the covers, trying not to wake Rich.

Delivering a meal to the field.

Leaned over the kitchen counter, with kids playing in the background. (One possibly splashing in the toilet.) And lunch cooking in the oven for the calving crew.


This was written in the “From Inspiration to Habit” writing workshop. This week we are taking note of what to write and where we write.

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