Fall Family Photos

The last few years we have had family pictures almost every year due to our wedding, followed by maternity pictures, newborn pictures, etc. This year I am not pregnant, but still wanted a family photo. Rich thought he might get away with not having to take pictures this year, but he thought wrong. Because fall is one of my favorite times of year, I scheduled pictures in hopes of catching the beautiful fall colors. We have used Whitney Riehl Photography for many of our important family occasions over the last five years and once again, she did not disappoint. She captured the true moments of life with Rhett and Allie, aka herding cats.

Because I do love fall so much, I recently wrote an essay about this season. It was published on Sweatpants & Coffee in September.

“But fall is also when the days feel a bit slower and there is a certain feel to the air. The crisp mornings calling for a little more time in bed before starting the day. The evenings become shorter, the early darkness bringing your family in sooner. Fall is a season that feels like you can reach out and grab it, from the crunch of the leaves under your boots, to the bite in the air that can be soothed with a cozy scarf.”
To read the rest click over to Sweatpants & Coffee.

What are you favorite fall activities? Do you schedule family photos this time of year?

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